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Terms & Conditions

Quotes & Commissions.

When it comes to pricing, even though there is a base price list, the final amount is entirely based around the difficulty and amount of work the project requires; Pricing is also under the effect of the supplies needed (Faux fur quantity, colors and textures; as well as threads, zippers, etc.).


Also, don't worry! Be open about your budget! it is likely going to be taken into consideration!


A complete reference and a detailed description of what's in your mind for the project is needed for a good assesment. The more art you send, the better! It's necessary to embrace and understand the character as much as possible for an accurate and fair quotation.

Please do have in mind your quote might not be accurate at the long run, this due to nuisances on material and labor prices.

As stated previously, a detailed, complete character reference is mandatory for an accurate fursuit.


Please be aware I have two cats and a dog! If you happen to be allergic to either, I beg you let me know before the build starts! All suits are carefully cleansed and sanitized before shipping however.

ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival), Queue and Rush comms.

**If you have a deadline, please let us know beforehand. It should be stated before any quotes are given


We rarely work on "rush" commissions, however, if they get to happen, we let all of our clients know about them. Rushed commissions usually involve moving other's slots, so if all clients agree, they're taken. These are usually more expensive than regular commissions.


No project is started or added to the queue list  before 100% of it's total cost is cleared. 


Shipping is not included in the final pricing; it is not included in the quotes either. This because the exchange and shipping rates change in a daily basis. Shipping methods are usually talked about once the project has been completed in order to provide an accurate cost.

Payment: Plans and methods,

International clients must all pay via PayPal. This is the only accepted method. Mexican clients may also inquire for bank transfers.


Any fully (100% of quoted amount) upfront paid projects will be given extra priority in the queue. 


Regarding payment plans, they are to be discussed with the client, based on their budget, place on the queue and quoted totals; these plans can be paid along the length of 3 or 5 exhibitions, or 12 month payment plan.

Supplies (Faux furs, materials and extras)

We'll work together to find the best fabrics! Please keep in mind no fabric is created equal, even swatches from the same manufacturer have nuisances between them! There's a small chance whatever fur chosen might not be a perfect match to that present in your character/reference.


Plenty of communication will have to take place to pick the best samples and achieve the best combinations! Some characters with complex color palettes might have to be tweaked.


If you choose to commission a full fursuit (Let it be digitigrade or plantigrade), you'll need to send in a DTD (Duct Tape Dummy).


The best bodysuits are done with the best DTDs, so take your time while to make yours!

You may also send in a pair of comfortable shoes, these will be used to make your suit's paw feet. If this is not an option, we can provide a pair of "clogs" shoes to base the feet on( for free). If this is the case, remember to provide your shoe size accordingly.

Refunds, changes and cancellations

Cancelations or Changes will only be accepted until a certain point of the work. Work advances and updates will be provided during the developement of the suit any changes or adjustments will need to be specify during this stage, please share any changes, modifications or issues with your piece during the WIPs provided in order to prevent any issues with the final work.


Once the piece is complete and a final wip has been sent a confirmation will be require from both sides and after this point no further changes or adjustments will be done to the piece.


**Note: Any further modifications will require extra work and will be charged for them. If you are interested we'll personally review the changes and provide you a quote, depending on the changes it may not require and extra charge.


40% of the final price is non-refundable.


If you desire to terminate or cancel your commission, please get in touch with us to settle an agreement.


As a business, we reserve the right of canceling any project that may cause discomfort to my person. If this is the case, the amount refunded will be 100%.

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you again soon!
Samantha Aguilar - Katsudoggo Workshop

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